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Boldenone as the tool to reduce estradiol

Boldenone – an anabolic steroid known for its anabolic qualities only, but also it is an excellent tool for reducing estradiol during the cycle.

Boldenone has such a qualities as an increase in appetite and venousness on the body, but its main charm is that, along with the properties of an anabolic, it combines the properties of decreasing estradiol (female sex hormone). Usually, during steroid cycles, of professional athletes, the dosage of boldenone reach 800-1200 mg, which causes shock in newbies, who have never used it.

As an anabolic agent, this drug is not very effective, so its dosage should be quite high. Even if you are not a very heavy lifter, you will most likely not feel the dosage of 250 mg in any way, even if this is your first cycle. According to athletes, who used boldenone solo (without other drugs) after 4 weeks – the sensations were as if the athlete had completely dropped off the course, in addition, estradiol level felt below normal.

The conclusion is simple – boldenone can only be an addition to the main drugs in the cycle, but by no means its basis. During the cycle, testosterone must be included, otherwise you will lower your estradiol to unfavorable values for health.

Boldenone is a drug that can be put only with testosterone together, to have an addition estradiol in your blood, which Boldenone decreases.

Otherwise, you will simply “kill” your estradiol with it. As you know, low estradiol leads to such consequences as reduced libido, osteoporosis, deterioration in mood, and others.

The amount ratio of boldenone and testosterone should be individually selected. Our recommendation is to start with 2 parts of testosterone to 1 part of boldenone.

Few days after your bold`enone injection, check your blood estradol.

If estradiol is still high, then you increase the dosage of boldenone. Often the proportions of boldenone and testosterone can be 1:1 in order to keep estradiol in the middle of the reference values.

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