Once you register you will be able to earn and use reward points at checkout. To get the reward points you should follow the instructions given below. Reward points are a bonus for your shopping experience in our shop and a good way to display our gratitude for loyal customers. You can always check your reward points balance at checkout.

Register – 25 reward points will be added to your balance after registration.

Buy –  You will earn points for each order. After the order is confirmed, reward points will be added to your balance.

Review – After you receive your order, write at least 50 words and attach a photo, and submit it as a public feedback on the following boards : meso-rx, musclegurus etc. After the approval, you will get 50 – 250 reward points which will be added to your balance within 24 hours.

Please note: You can use up to 80% of your total reward points balance per order. Reward points can’t be used with coupons. You can use Reward points or coupons separately.

Store Credits: Store Credits do not apply to shipping charges.